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My goal is to give you a little boost each week; so you can be reminded of the truth of life, which helps us all stay focused on what is, instead of some of our old and tired beliefs that can often take over our life. We forget to hold our beliefs up to the light of our own intelligence and I’m hoping to remind you; so you don’t fall prey to untruths that flood our lives on a daily basis. Our past, our parents, friends and the media all influence our thinking, but the bottom line is, we need to remember that we’re naturally successful in every area of our lives and that we all have unlimited potential.

I hope to help you see the extreme examples that are designed to shatter false beliefs.

As an example:

What’s the value of a painting? If you add-up the cost of the canvas, the wood, the paint and the brushes, it might be as much as $50. But, what if the artist was Picasso? “Oh that’s different”, you say. Why? Who determines the value of a painting? So, there’s more to it than that. What is the value of a painting? The answer is easy. It’s whatever the artist believes it’s worth.

We might believe our painting valuable, but the proof is based on the amount you sell it for. This is what determines it’s value. How, then, can we up the value? By truly understanding that we are the initiator of the value. We determine what it’s worth and by working on our beliefs at a deeper level, we can change that belief from “my paintings suck”, to “my paintings are great”. It’s subtle, but real.

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