Meditate now. Quiet, ask, listen.

I love helping others see how they, too, can live a wonderful life.

Often, our life is fine, on track and working, but we just don’t see it. My goal is to help others remove any blocks they have had; so they can see clearly again.

I’m interested in hearing about how well my words have helped you in your life; so please email me with an update from time-to-time.

I truly hope you are living a wonderful life, filled with satisfaction, health, abundance and happiness.

I am grateful for all the people who have subscribed to my cards and are using my treatments. I know that they are now living a better life and enjoying the process.

Thank you for being you and remembering that we’ll all perfect, and being exactly who we are meant to be … and expressing life as we should. Stay grateful and know that you are truly special in your own way.

Not all affirmations work.

You can’t just start saying, “I’m a millionaire”, “I’m a millionaire”, “I’m a millionaire”. Our mind will not accept this, no matter how hard we try. We have beliefs that are standing in the way.

Our beliefs create what happens to us. If we believe we can’t get ahead, we’ll stay stuck. If we believe we’re unlucky at love, we’ll never have a lasting relationship. If we believe there are no parking places in front, we’ll never find one.

In general, we want to shift our beliefs from “I can’t” to “I can” … or whatever changes you’d like to make.

The bottom line is, the real value in life is more about accepting what is, which makes us instantly happy, and also opens the door to change because we’re not resisting what is.

Affirmations can help us believe in the possibility of change. And often, this opening-up will instigate change quickly, which provides the shift we’re looking for.

By the way, we are not doing this alone, we are in concert, at all times, with God, our guides, Universal Intelligence, Allah, or whatever name you use for supreme intelligence.

The mind is an amazing machine, but it can also keep us stuck without knowing we’re stuck. It’s used to help us remember things, handle logic, repeat tasks, etc.. It’s designed to make sure we don’t have to re-learn things, like how to start a car, every time we want to drive somewhere. The problem is, it can become conditioned and remember things that may not be true, such as I can never remember names. That’s not a fact, it’s a belief and it can be changed. An appropriate affirmation might be, “I’m getting better at remembering names.” It’s a statement the mind can’t argue with, which is the key.

Many people overlook this and just say what they want, such as, “I’m a millionaire.” The mind immediately says, “No you’re not and I can prove it. Go look at your bank account.” A more appropriate course might be, “My wealth is growing constantly.”

Allowed to operate on their own, our unchallenged beliefs can crate a world we never seemed to ask for.

How does this happen? As children, we were not encumbered with beliefs and always accepted “the next thing” in life as a new and fresh experience. As time passed, we started picking up beliefs we learned from parents, relatives, teachers, friends and the media. Often, we forget to hold these beliefs up to the light of our own intelligence and just take them on as our own.

Understanding that our beliefs assist in creating our experience, it becomes clear that we start having experiences in life that correspond to the beliefs we hold. Please don’t believe me about this, but rather, prove it to yourself. Test it, challenge it, but I know your conclusion will be that your life will match your beliefs.

Therefore, if you’d like to change your experience, all you have to do is to change your belief. Sounds easy, huh? It can be, but this will depend upon your belief about the ease of changing beliefs. What a mouthful, huh? If you think it’ll be difficult, it will be. If you can believe that it’s possible to change quickly, it’s likely that you can change quickly.

Another example is parking places

This site is more about letting go of all beliefs and allowing life to be new and fresh again, but in the interim, it’s about changing beliefs. It can be part of the process of learning to allow beliefs to fall away, which could be a good thing, but often, the mind won’t allow it; so we need a little helping hand – a correctly structured affirmation or a spiritual mind treatment.

Letting go of all beliefs is the best; so that each experience is new and fresh. but we sometimes need to get there in steps. Or is that a belief?

The key is to learn about these beliefs; so we can make sure we’re believing what we choose, not what the habitual, mechanics of our mind just hands us.

It’s your mind, you can think what you want.

For deeper healing, I am trained to help people in using metaphysical treatments, which are custom written “prayers” for specific issues. Email me (below) for details or a private consultation.

With love and respect,
R. Randall Schroeder
(AKA Randy)


  1. Irene
    Oct 13, 2010

    Love your work! Would love to hook up for coffee sometime. I’m in the SF Airport area. I have a site called SopaLatina.net and another coming up called PositiveConsciousness.com. Let me know if you’re interested.



  2. R. Randall Schroeder
    Dec 07, 2010

    Thank you Irene. Yes, let’s do that after the first of the year. I visited your sites, btw, and I love what you’re doing. Have a great holiday and let’s plan to talk about how we can help more people, and each other.

  3. Doreen Guma
    Feb 27, 2012

    I’d like to talk to you about, perhaps, helping me with my project to help others enjoy life, http://www.timetoplay.com.

    Can you contact me?

    cell: 631-275-5912

  4. R. Randall Schroeder
    Oct 05, 2013

    Hi Doreen,

    I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply, but do to lack of interest in my site, I’m not putting energy into it. If you’d like to email me to set-up a time to chat, use: randy@afewlittlewords.com.


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